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A Guide to Managing Diabetes for Family Caregivers

A Guide to Managing Diabetes for Family Caregivers

When diabetes is not managed well, it could lead to serious conditions, including heart disease and stroke. Therefore, we must help our loved ones with diabetes make healthier lifestyle choices to manage their blood sugar levels.

Being a provider of home care in Dallas, Texas, we are experienced in helping seniors with diabetes management. Here are some tips on how you can assist your senior in managing their diabetes:

  • Prepare Healthy Meals
    Healthy eating is crucial for healthy living in general. However, when someone has diabetes, the food they eat affects their blood sugar levels. That’s why you must keep in mind the food recommendations provided by your loved one’s physician, and avoid sugar-sweetened food or beverages.
  • Ensure Medication Adherence
    Insulin and other diabetes medications are prescribed to help lower blood sugar levels. But these must be in coordination with healthy meals and the right amount of exercise. Make sure to not only help with reminders but also with ensuring a healthy balance between meals, exercise, and medications.
  • Manage Stress
    When your loved one is prone to stress, it can affect their blood sugar levels. With that in mind, help them find ways to alleviate the stress, like hobbies, deep breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques.

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