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Alzheimer’s Care for New Family Caregivers

Alzheimer’s Care for New Family Caregivers

When your senior loved one has Alzheimer’s, caring for them can be overwhelming. You will be faced with different difficulties that could take a toll on your health. However, assisting your loved one and making every moment count with them can be fulfilling.

With this, we give you some tips on coping with Alzheimer’s and what you can do for your loved one:

  • Reduce Their Frustration
    Alzheimer’s brings about changes to your loved ones, which can cause stress and frustration. They may not be able to do things that were once easy to them before. With this, you need to adjust to their situation by providing simple instructions, giving them options, and letting them take their time in accomplishing tasks.
  • Maintain a Safe Environment
    Providing senior care in Frisco, Texas to people with Alzheimer’s also means that you have to keep their home a safe and healthy environment to live in. Install locks to prevent wandering, and always keep the home organized to prevent accidents from happening.
  • Get Help from a Professional
    There’s nothing wrong with needing a little help along the way. You can get senior home care in Southlake, Texas, so an experienced caregiver can educate and help you in achieving an optimal quality of life for your senior with Alzheimer’s.

Do you need assistance from a home care professional?

Kalibra Home Care provides home care services to the elderly with special needs, including those with dementia. We offer non-medical assistance to help them live a happy and fulfilling life in the comfort of their own homes.

We also offer senior home care in Plano, Texas. Talk to us today!

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