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Caregiver Anxiety and Stress: Tips to Find Relief

Caregiver Anxiety and Stress: Tips to Find Relief

Caring for a homebound senior provides a sense of purpose and self-worth. However, it can also be exhausting at times. We know how it feels? we’ve been there, too!

As such, with our senior care in Frisco, Texas, we listed some tips that might help relieve anxiety and stress among family caregivers.

  • Know how your body responds to stressors.
    Listen to your body. Do you notice any changes, such as constant sweating, insomnia, fatigue, shortness of breath, or heart palpitations? As soon as you determine your physical responses to stress and anxiety, you can now control them.
  • Make time for relaxation.
    Leave the worries behind now and then. Schedule a time to regain your mental health through yoga, deep breathing, and other mindfulness exercises.
  • Avoid stress triggers.
    Many factors alleviate stress and anxiety. Avoid habits such as bad sleep, poor diet, smoking, and overconsumption of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.
  • Partner with a home care agency.
    You may also take a short break by entrusting your loved ones to quality senior home care in Southlake, Texas. With this, you can enjoy your “me time” with peace of mind while trained caregivers supervise your senior at home.
  • Seek professional intervention.
    If stress and anxiety become uncontrollable, consult a professional counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist.

Don’t carry the responsibilities of caregiving on your own. Kalibra Home Care can help you and your loved ones live every day with comfort and convenience through our senior home care in Plano, Texas. Contact us today!

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