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Common Causes of Elderly Falls at Home


In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported over 50,000 elderly deaths from unintentional injuries. These injuries can result from many factors, including in-home falls. However, we do not have a concrete statistical data of how many seniors fall each year (a lot of them refuse to tell anyone they fell at some point). As senior caregivers in Dallas, Texas, we at Kalibra Home Care aim to address this issue by determining the common causes of falls.

  • Physical or Health Factors
    An elderly might have physical limitations that hinder their ability to move on their own. Or, their medications may make them dizzy when standing up or moving.
  • Cognitive Decline
    Sometimes, waking up alone can leave the elderly confused, leading to lightheadedness or wooziness. This is why our senior home care in Frisco, Texas, includes companionship to monitor or supervise seniors while at home.
  • Situational or Environmental Causes
    Cluttered or slippery floors can greatly increase the risk of falls. Hence, keep the home in order, install grab bars along the stairs and in the bathroom, and keep the house well-lit.

It takes a collaborative effort from families and senior care providers to ensure the elderly live the best of life. Talk to us today to discuss your loved ones’ needs! Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate home care in Richardson, Texas.

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