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Drug Overdose in Older Adults

Drug Overdose in Older Adults

A large number of older adults take multiple medications for a wide range of illnesses and conditions. Illnesses tend to be more aggressive as we get older; hence, requiring more potent medications that are easier to become addicted to and easier to accidentally overdose on.

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day. The perfect time for family members as well as Senior Caregivers in Dallas, Texas to come together and work on ways to help prevent overdose from happening to their senior loved ones.

There is a myriad of ways a senior can accidentally overdose on medication. For instance, older adults are less efficient at eliminating toxins which may react to certain medications differently. If a senior drink too much of this medication, it can lead to unwanted repercussions.

Overdoses can also occur if the elderly patient takes too much of a prescribed medication or mixes the prescription with other medications or alcohol.

If you are currently caring for a senior loved one, chances are they have multiple prescriptions that need tracking. With the help of professional Home Care in Richardson, Texas, families and loved ones can rest assured that their seniors will be properly assisted with medication administration.

Here at Kalibra Home Care, we understand how crucial it is for seniors to stick to their prescription. To ensure their treatment’s efficacy, our caregivers can assist loved ones with buying medications, scheduling when to take them, and instructing on how to take them.

To learn more about our Senior Home Care in Frisco, Texas, contact our office and set up an appointment with our experts today!

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