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First Aid for Seniors: How to Treat a Cut or Scrape

The skin grows more fragile with age, which puts older adults at a much higher risk of injuries such as cuts and scrapes. Knowing how to respond in such a situation is important for a senior loved one’s safety.

At Kalibra Home Care, we understand how challenging it is to care for an aging loved one. We’ve been providing professional Senior Care in Frisco, Texas for decades, and we’ve gained various lessons and experiences over the years.

To help you improve your loved one’s Senior Home Care in Southlake, Texas, we’ve made a short guide on how you may respond during emergencies such as cuts and scrapes.

  • Minor Cuts and Scrapes
    The first thing to do is make sure to remove obvious dirt and debris from the wound and its surrounding areas. Once done, clean the area with tap water and a gentle cleanser. If the wound is bleeding, place a clean bandage or cloth over the opening and press it firmly. Apply pressure on the area and bind it with tape.

Finally, instruct your loved one to hold their hand at their heart level. This should stop or slow the bleeding of the wound.

  • Severe Cuts and Heavy Bleeding
    For more severe cases, you’ll need to call emergency medical care IMMEDIATELY to avoid complications from happening to your loved one. Keep the wound clean by washing it with water and soap and covering it up with a clean cloth or gauze.

Ensure your loved one’s safety and health with professional Senior Home Care in Plano, Texas! Call us today to book our services.

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