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Get Your Elderly a Furry Friend!


Multiple studies have proven the surprising benefits of pet therapy to our mental wellness and physical health. For seniors, having pets can make a significant difference in their quality of life, especially when living at home. This is why pets have become an essential aspect of many providers of senior care in Frisco, Texas.

With our senior home care in Southlake, Texas, Kalibra Home Care understands why some seniors choose a furry companion. By spending just 15 minutes a day playing with pets, older adults can reap the following benefits:

  • Physical Health Improvement
    Taking care of a pet has been shown to lower blood pressure levels and improve mobility through simple physical exercises. It also reduces stress hormones, leading to a boost in mood and overall wellness.
  • Mental Health Improvement
    Older adults are at an increased risk of social isolation; hence, having a pet companion allows them to socialize in some ways. Pet therapy stimulates memory and mental health. It can also provide a senior with a sense of purpose, which helps them face the golden years with hope.
  • Emotional Health Improvement
    By reducing the chances of loneliness and isolation, having a pet also lessens the risks of depression and anxiety. Taking care of pets may even boost self-confidence and build social skills!

We believe in holistic care to help seniors live an independent, fruitful, and high-quality life in the comfort of home. Should you need for details about our senior home care in Plano, Texas, please reach us at your convenience.

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