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Helping Seniors Through Everyday Life

Helping Seniors Through Everyday Life

Activities of Daily Living or ADLs are the necessary tasks for living independently at home or in the general community. With all the pressure of everyday life as well as growing older, seniors may have a hard time dealing with such tasks. Compassionate caregivers and providers of Home Care in Richardson, Texas, who are well-equipped in assisting seniors with their ADLs which are performed daily and have many variations that can be identified into five categories.

  • Personal Hygiene, ability to bathe, groom, and care for oral hygiene
  • Mobility, ability to move or transfer from one place to another such as beds, chairs, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Eating, ability to feed oneself
  • Dressing, ability to select adequate clothes and to dress and undress oneself
  • Continence Management, ability to control bowel and bladder functions as well as proper use of toilet and cleaning oneself

Inability to perform these tasks can be the basis of one’s capability of being independent and failure to do so would require assistance from family or senior home care in Frisco, Texas to help achieve a good quality of life at home.

If you or your loved one find it difficult to perform these ADLs, we suggest you get assistance from expert senior caregivers in Dallas, Texas. Kalibra Home Care offers services that would help you or your loved ones deal with such tasks. Talk to us today!

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