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Home Care FAQs: Can I Choose My Caregiver?


If you’re considering getting Senior Home Care in Mckinney, Texas for yourself or a loved one, you might find yourself wondering: “Can I choose my/their caregiver?”

Today, we’ll be answering a couple of customer FAQs to help them make better and more informed decisions about the care they avail.

FAQ 1: Can I choose my caregiver?


According to federal law, any client availing home care or home health care services reserves the right to choose their Senior Caregivers in Plano, Texas. This means you can choose whoever you feel will best meet your needs and preferences in terms of care and assistance.

FAQ 2: Do you perform background checks on your caregivers?

We conduct thorough and comprehensive background checks on all our Senior Caregivers in Dallas, Texas. This is to ensure our clients’ safety and security while under our care.

Furthermore, knowing that their loved one’s caregivers are licensed and certified can provide family members with peace of mind.

If you wish to learn more about our background check process, you may contact us anytime.

FAQ 3: Can I change caregivers if I don’t like my first provider?

If for any reason you don’t find the services and care provided to you effective, you reserve the right to change caregivers during any period of your care and treatment. You’re also free to voice opinions and feedback regarding the quality of care you receive anytime you see appropriate.

At Kalibra Home Care, we put our clients at the center of our care. If you or your loved ones are searching for high-quality home care services, you don’t have to look any further than us!

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