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  • Mina and Bill Sarver

    Kalibra Home Care has saved our lives. Especially Sylvie being kind and professional has been a tremendous help for me and my husband. Her people are very professional and wonderful. Sylvie’s placement according to our needs has eliminated a lot of discord. We are very happy with Kalibra and their services and will highly recommend them.

  • Karen Walker

    When we called for help from Kalibra, Sylvie came out to interview with us. Very personable and professional. One of the things we stressed most, we wanted more than someone to sit and stare at our loved ones. They needed more than someone to do occasional laundry, sweep and vacuum. We have gone through 3 care providers with Kalibra and all have been nice and easy to work with. However, we have hit the Jackpot with Amy. She has gone above any care provider we have had, even with other services that we tried. Amy cares about about our parents and has help in so many ways. Filling the pond, taking care of the dog, following up and fighting with pharmacy over medications. Wish there were more care providers like Amy.

  • Debra Williams

    I’ve worked for Kalibra as a professional caregiver for about a year. This is a great company with a wonderful owner. The clients are the BEST!!! The owner, Sylvie, is not only ethical but also very compassionate. Whether you’re looking for a place to work or a place to find compassionate care for a loved one, look no further.

  • Carol Kellenberger

    Kalibra Home Care is one of a kind. They are very kind and understanding of their clients’ needs and take the extra time to make their clients comfortable. I would highly recommend you contact Sylvie Menasce-Anderson for assistance with home care.

  • Kimberlee Pucci

    Professional caregiver can spot indecrepancies quickly and render appropriate care. She’s kind, empathic and treats me with dignity and respect. Due to my caregiver, I highly recommend this company if you are in need of kind and empathic care.

  • Joan Thompson

    Kalibra home care rates an A+, because they treat their clients with dignity and respect. It is one of the few outstanding home care services. I can not thank them enough or give them enough praise they are wonderful.

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