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Home Safety Tips for Older Adults and Families

Home Safety Tips for Older Adults and Families

Home is the best place to receive the care you need while aging. However, certain in-home hazards might pose health risks to the elderly, including falls. With our extensive experience in providing home care in Dallas, Texas, we know which parts of a home can be hazardous to older adults.

Thus, we share some safety tips below to make the home a comfortable place to live.

  • Lit up the home.
    Install proper lighting, such as night lights and high-wattage bulbs, because many seniors struggle to see with lower light.
  • Add grab bars or handrails across the home.
    On the staircase or in the bathroom, the elderly need something to hold onto to move, get up, or walk safely. Installing these home features can greatly reduce unwanted accidents and falls. Also, don’t forget to use non-slip mats in the bathroom.
  • Set up an emergency alert system.
    The goal is to help your senior loved ones to communicate easily with you should emergencies arise. You may install door alarms or pull cords to set off light or noise notifications in case of any trouble. Be sure to work with expert senior caregivers in Frisco, Texas to find out the right alert features you need.
  • Add driveway ramps.
    For wheelchair-bound individuals, a ramp provides easy movement in and out of the door.

For maximum health outcomes for your elderly loved ones, you can never go wrong with our senior caregivers in McKinney, Texas. Kalibra Home Care commits to a higher quality of life for everyone we serve. Contact us today for inquiries!

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