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I’m Fully Vaccinated — Should I Still Mask Up?

I’m Fully Vaccinated — Should I Still Mask Up?

As more people are given access to COVID-19 vaccines, questions of when, where, and why wearing a mask is still important is still surfacing.

Although getting vaccinated does offer an extra layer of protection against disease, there are several reasons why people should still mask up.

At Kalibra Home Care, our client’s health and wellness are of the utmost importance to our Senior Caregivers in Southlake, Texas. This is why we encourage our clients to still follow established COVID-19 safety protocols i.e., regularly washing hands, wearing a face mask in public, and practicing social distancing.

When and where should you wear a mask?

According to the latest guidance of Trusted Source from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if you’re fully vaccinated for COVID-19, you can safely resume many of the activities that you were not able to do previously.

However, there are situations when you would still need to mask up.

Dr. S. Wesley Long, a researcher at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas, recommends that people wear a mask any time they are out in public with people whose vaccination status they don’t know.

If you’re in a crowded area or large gathering, masking is also a good idea.

The right care for your loved ones.

Getting your loved ones professional Senior Home Care in Frisco, Texas can help ensure their health and safety — both indoors and outdoors — as well as improve their overall quality of life.

Experienced Senior Caregivers in Mckinney, Texas can provide your loved ones with services that assist them with daily living activities. From Personal Care to Companionship Care, rest assured your loved one’s needs will be met accordingly.

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