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Improving Senior Balance and Stability with Tai Chi


While balance and stability are two things that often fade away with age, there are several ways that can effectively maintain your abilities. One of those ways is through an ancient Chinese practice called Tai Chi.

Tai Chi offers a number of health benefits for seniors. According to recent studies, Tai Chi can help improve stability, balance, and flexibility in older adults. This includes patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The practice can also help alleviate pain, especially ones that are caused by knee osteoarthritis, back problems, and fibromyalgia.

Seniors who practiced Tai Chi were also 50% less likely to experience falls and injuries, according to a 2017 review. This is because the practice focuses on muscle control, balance, stability, and flexibility.

Improving Senior Safety and Security
Here at Kalibra Home Care, we believe that exercise is an essential element to a healthy and productive lifestyle. This is why on top of Senior Home Care in Mckinney, Texas, we do recommend that our clients help their senior loved ones find ways to increase their physical activity and exercise.

Our Senior Caregivers in Plano, Texas can assist your loved ones with finding classes online, as well as plan and organize for regular exercise to help maintain overall fitness and health.

If you wish to learn more about our Senior Caregivers in Dallas, Texas, please feel free to contact us any time!

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