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Keeping Seniors Safe from COVID-19


According to the CDC, the likelihood of developing severe complications from COVID-19 increases with age. This includes the risks of hospitalization, long-term health effects, and death, according to the CDC. So, our senior caregivers in Southlake, Texas take all the necessary precautions seriously to keep our clients safe.

Here are a few tips to ensure senior safety during the pandemic, as suggested by Dr. Alicia Arbaje of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

  • Caretakers? monitor your health.
    Our senior caregivers in McKinney, Texas follow all the health guidelines in place, such as regular handwashing, physical distancing, daily home disinfection, and proper hygiene, to protect everyone around them.
  • Social distancing, not social isolation
    As much as we want to limit physical visits, there are ways you can keep your seniors socially engaged. Encourage them to talk to their mail carriers or neighbors. Teach them how to use technology to stay in touch with other family members.
  • Make them busy.
    A simple activity will do like cooking, storytelling to grandkids, indoor games, and other recreations. Social engagement and a good mood can boost your senior’s overall health.
  • Maximize telemedicine.
    If possible, avoid doctor visits if you can do it at home. Telehealth services allow them to connect with their doctors without exposing themselves to COVID-19 risks outside.

Let us help you ensure your senior loved ones’ safety in the comfort of their home. Kalibra Home Care provides comprehensive programs designed for the elderly’s well-being and quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our senior home care in Frisco, Texas.

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