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Low-Impact Workouts for Seniors with Limited Mobility


As we age, maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy weight is crucial to our health. For older adults with limited mobility, exercising daily can be a real challenge. As a leading provider of senior home care in Frisco,Texas, we will share a few low-impact exercises that are ideal for seniors:

  • Yoga
    Yoga is a popular mind-body workout that involves a series of stretching and breathing exercises. This is excellent for building strength, balance, and flexibility to improve coordination. Yoga is also a great way to reduce stress and boost one’s mood.
  • Walking
    Walking is a simple but effective low-impact workout that is excellent for overall body conditioning. This aerobic exercise is best done daily with a supportive pair of walking shoes and the assistance of senior caregivers in Dallas, Texas.
  • Swimming
    Swimming is another low-impact workout that is ideal for seniors with back or joint pain. This activity is effective for weight loss and toning the muscles with minimal risk for injury.

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