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Senior Care: Alzheimer’s Care Tips


Alzheimer’s disease gradually worsens the mental capability of a person as they age. As they grow older, this progressive medical condition will eventually affect the senior’s thinking skills, memory, and ability to perform activities.

Providing senior home care in Southlake, Texas to the elderly with Alzheimer’s is indeed challenging, especially to family caregivers. That is why Kalibra Home Care is here to give you tips on Alzheimer’s care.

  • Make their home environment conducive and safe
    This progressive disease can possibly increase a person’s risks in injuries and accidents since it can impair their ability to think and perform. A senior home care in Plano, Texas can help create a safe and conducive environment for your loved ones so they can be safe and sound at home.
  • Be straightforward and ask simple questions
    As much as possible, avoid open-ended questions and ask simple questions that are answerable by a yes or no. Complex open-ended questions will only cause your loved one’s stress.
  • Hire caregivers
    Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s is no easy task. That is why seeking the help of experienced caregivers is highly recommended. They are well-trained in all areas of senior care in Frisco, Texas and can provide the care that your loved one needs at home.

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