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Signs That Indicate a Need for Home Care

Signs That Indicate a Need for Home Care

When your elderly loved one is living alone, there will come a time when they need professional care and assistance to maintain their health. Through senior caregivers in Dallas, Texas, seniors can age comfortably in place without compromising their health. Likewise, here are the signs that indicate a need for home care:

  • A recent sickness or injury
    While falls are usually not a serious issue when we are younger, a bad fall can have dire consequences on a senior’s health. Falls can lead to injuries that can affect their mobility. A recent or worsening sickness may also create serious complications that affect a senior’s health.
  • Memory problems
    Forgetting to pay the bills or attend important medical appointments may be a sign of memory problems. This may also include increased confusion and forgetting to take their medication. A provider of home care in Richardson, Texas can help seniors who are experiencing memory problems at home.
  • Changes in appearance and personality
    Changes in a senior loved one’s appearance such as poor hygiene and excessive weight loss or gain may indicate a decline in their functional abilities. Meanwhile, a shift in their personalities such as extreme mood swings or loss of interest in hobbies may signify loneliness and social isolation.

Kalibra Home Care is a dedicated provider of senior home care in Frisco, Texas. Through our high-quality services, we can help your elderly loved one age gracefully from the comfort of home. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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