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Travel Tips for a Safe and Happy Summer This 2021

Travel Tips for a Safe and Happy Summer This 2021

Summer is finally here! And after over a year of quarantine and isolation, we’re sure that everyone is excited to go off on an adventure, now that travel bans are easing up here in the US.

While vacations are essential to every person’s overall health and wellness, we at Kalibra Home Care would like to give you a few travel tips for a safe and happy summer this 2021.

  • Get vaccinated.

    COVID-19 vaccines are now available at select pharmacies, as well as medical institutions. And with President Biden’s efforts to getting at least 70% of the population vaccinated, there’s no reason why you can’t get vaccinated this year, preferably before you go on your summer trip.

    Contact your primary healthcare provider for more details.

  • Sanitize and wear a mask.

    Although the COVID-19 vaccine does provide you with protection from disease, it’s never too much to add an extra layer, just to be sure. When outside, remember to wear a mask and sanitize your hands with alcohol or sanitizer after touching dirty surfaces AND before touching your face.

  • Get the right care for loved ones.

    If you’re traveling with a senior loved one, getting the right type of Senior Care in Frisco, Texas to assist them during your trip can be a great idea.

    A professional caregiver can support your loved ones with whatever they need during the whole journey. They can also ensure that seniors take their medications as instructed and avoid missing doses.

We provide professional Senior Home Care in Southlake, Texas to clients looking to improve their or their loved one’s quality of life.

Learn more about our Senior Home Care in Plano, Texas by calling our office, today!

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