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Understanding Dementia-Related Behaviors

Understanding Dementia-Related Behaviors

Often, older adults with dementia are living an altered reality. Consequently, they may insist on something that is far from the truth. This is one of the behaviors that “annoy” several families who live with a loved one with dementia.

However, let’s take a deeper look into what causes these behaviors. With our senior home care in McKinney, Texas, we have seen how individuals with dementia behave in certain ways.

Let’s dive in.

  • Asking Repetitive Questions

    Your loved ones ask you what day it is. Then, you give a short answer. A few minutes later, they ask the same question again. And moments later, they ask similar questions again and again.

    Most likely, your loved ones ask over and over, not because they do not remember what day it is. Instead, they forgot that they have already asked you.

    So, we keep reminding our senior caregivers in Plano, Texas just to give a brief answer every time they ask. Avoid reminding them that they have asked you earlier the same question. There’s no point in doing so.

  • Shadowing

    Do your loved ones keep on following you wherever you go? Some experts believe that people with dementia are doing this out of fear of being alone.

    Know that this behavior is likely out of their control. Most dementia patients experience cognitive decline that they are no longer capable of thinking rationally.

    For senior caregivers in Dallas, Texas, instead of stopping them from what they’re doing, try some coping mechanisms to manage your frustration. It’s possible to change your perspective, but changing your loved one’s behavior isn’t.

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