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What to Do If Your Senior Loved One Has COVID-19


With the Coronavirus still spreading, you and your loved ones may still be at risk of getting infected. If that happens, as Senior Caregivers in Plano, Texas, we want you and your family to be prepared. Getting diagnosed with COVID-19 can be scary, especially if it’s your aging parent or an elderly member of your family.

As a provider of Senior Home Care in Mckinney, Texas, we share with you ways you can do at home if you have a senior loved one who has Coronavirus.

  • Provide your loved one with a safe space or room to recover at home.
    It’s important that you create a separate environment for your infected loved one to keep yourself and the other family members safe.
  • Follow the doctor’s recommendations.
    You should always adhere to the physician’s advice first and foremost to prevent the spread of the virus and to hasten your loved one’s recovery.
  • Keep the house clean and disinfected.
    Even if your loved one has been isolated to a specific room in the house, you still need to sanitize and disinfect surfaces often, especially when you’re caring for your loved one.
  • Wash hands frequently.
    Advise everyone in the home to wash hands often. You must wash your hands if you have come into direct or indirect contact with your loved one with COVID-19, and wash your hands before touching your face or eating.

Getting help from Senior Caregivers in Dallas, Texas allows you to take precautions to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread to yourself or to other family members in the home.

Here at Kalibra Home Care, we offer high-quality care services to help ensure your loved one’s safety and wellness at home. Call us now!

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