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Why Seniors Should Start Doing Yoga?


Yoga has been shown to improve mind-body connection even without performing strenuous physical activities. For older adults, it is never late to start yoga (given they have their doctor’s approval) as it boosts overall wellness and mental health. Furthermore, seniors with limited mobility would not need to go out that much to reap the benefits of yoga. Our senior caregivers in Frisco, Texas, can recommend appropriate yoga classes fitted to an elderly’s needs.

At Kalibra Home Care, a trusted provider of home care in Dallas, Texas, we will break down some benefits of yoga for seniors.

  • Improved Breathing
    Specific types of yoga are designed to enhance a person’s respiratory functions. Pranayama, for instance, consists of breath exercises to improve pulmonary health and lung capacity.
  • Reduced Stress
    Yoga allows one to find peace through meditation, focus, and mindful breathing, lowering stress hormone levels. As a result, many seniors report becoming less stressed and anxious after the exercise.
  • Enhanced Bone Health, Balance, and Flexibility
    Research suggests that yoga can improve bone mass, core stability, and range of motion. This helps seniors, in particular, reduce the risks of fall and increase flexibility and overall balance.
  • Good Sleep
    Older adults with sleep disturbances can significantly benefit from yoga. One study provides promising results among seniors who attend yoga classes regularly ? a higher quality of sleep.

Let your senior loved ones get the needed attention, care, and yoga recommendations! Get started now by reaching out to our senior caregivers in McKinney, Texas.

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