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Common Barriers to Good Personal Hygiene in Seniors


Maintaining good personal hygiene is important at any age but is crucial as we get older. Unfortunately, our elderly loved ones face several challenges to maintaining good hygiene. Here, we explore the common barriers to hygiene in older adults:

  • Dulling Senses
    When we get older, our senses are simply not as sharp as they once were. Hence, a senior may not immediately notice signs of poor hygiene, such as body odor or stains on their clothes. Senior caregivers in Frisco, Texas can assist seniors with bathing and grooming to improve hygiene.
  • Fear and Discomfort
    The bathroom is a common area in the household where seniors are most at risk of falls leading to injury. To prevent discomfort and improve safety, install assistive devices like grab bars and shower chairs. Senior caregivers in Mckinney, Texas can also offer personal care assistance
  • Depression
    In some cases, a senior may refuse to bathe due to depression. Depression can make simple tasks like bathing and grooming impossible feats. If you suspect your loved one may have depression, have an open conversation about seeking professional help.

We at Kalibra Home Care deliver high-quality home care in Dallas, Texas. To support healthy aging at home, we offer personal care services to promote good personal hygiene. Contact us to set an appointment and learn more.

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